Nature Walk

Dandeli Chalet Nature Walk

You wake up on misty morning and you remember that Mr.Sudarshan had promised to take you out for a nature walk. We offer our guests this great opportunity to get closer to Mother Nature. Ever heard of the Crocodile bark tree or the cries of the Malabar Giant squirrel? Well we make sure you experience all that and witness the wonderful forests and wildlife in their own realm. You can hear a gurgling stream in the distance and the birds chirp away when you slowly walk down the path of nature. When you return a majestic sunrise awaits you and you can sip away, maybe a cup of coffee?

Camp Fire

Dandeli Chalet Campfire

If you had a tiring day out or just chilled around, the camp fire is the best place to be any way at the end of the day. You can share your stories and your enriching experiences while the fire blazes on. You can grab a snack and warm your feet or just gaze at the clear skies where millions of stars twinkle away to glory. It’s a great time to be with friends or family or spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Farm Visit

Dandeli Chalet Farm Visit

Ever wondered what farming is all about? Well then you have come to the right place! Just stroll around our 10 acre farm and we’ll make sure you know what each plant is. Try out some medicinal herbs and be amazed at its immediate effects. Make sure you have your binoculars ready, because you’ll see not one, not two but way too many birds that you probably can’t count! Dandeli Chalet’s farm awaits you for all this and much more.

Sugercane Juice Extraction

Dandeli Chalet Suger Cane

We’ve all seen it being done, but have you ever done it yourself? Well if you haven’t, this is a great opportunity for you. Push away hard as the canes are crushed and we assure you you’ll burn a few calories. After a tiring few rounds, it’s time to get those lost calories back! Gulp down the sweet sugar cane juice and you can’t be more refreshed. It’s one of the healthier things that you would have ever drunk, and enjoyable too!

Other activities that we can arrange

River Rafting

Dandeli River Rafting

White water rafting is one of those reasons as to why people land up in Dandeli. A 9km thrill ride down the Kali river surely is something that should be on your 'to do' list while in Dandeli. Bookings? No problem! We'll help you to get it done.

Jungle Safari

Dandeli Jungle Safari

Wildlife is one other thing that drags people to Dandeli, and the best way to experience the rich wildlife is by going on a jungle safari. Riding an open jeep in a dense forest is a great experience in itself but getting close to the various birds and animals in their own habitat is a breathtaking experience.


Trekking in Dandeli

It's a great way to get closest to mother nature. As much as an adventure it is, it's a great way to see some of earth's finest creations. If you are looking for a good trek, Dandeli is a great place to be as it has various routes that suit your needs.


Cycling in Dandeli

Hire a bicycle and paddle away soaking in the magnificent scenes of nature.

Natural Jacuzzi

Dandeli Natural Jacuzzi

We've all heard of Jacuzzi. But a natural one? Yes, it's a wonderful way to replenish and re-energize as the roaring waters of the Kali gush over you.

Coracle Ride

Dandeli Coracle Ride

If the modern ways don't suit, nothing to worry. Just hire a traditional coracle and row along the gushing river. It's a great way to look back into the past and have great ride.


Dandeli Kayaking

If you're looking for a leisurely solo scull in the Kali river, look no further. A relaxing at the same time thrilling way to while away some time, Kayaking is what you should be doing.


Dandeli Rappelling

Climbing down a cliff might seem like an adventure sport, but it isn't and is a great thrill. With the right equipment, you will be as safe and sound as before.

River Crossing

Dandeli River Crossing

A thrilling way to get across the river is bound to provide the much needed mental refreshment.

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